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Land of Nod

From the first track on this delightfully relaxing solo piano album, you feel right at home. The notes of the piano tease the memory into remembering a time when life was different, slower, and easier; in many ways far more peaceful.

Each of the beautifully crafted tracks have been created with nothing but pure relaxation at the very heart of each piece, all of which have been delivered with a delicate and light touch that is endlessly appealing.

The titles alone, Rocking Chair, Marmalade Skies, and Looking Glass River to select just a few, immediately create a vision of something memorable: sitting in your grandma’s rocking chair as a child, the majesty of a sunrise or sunset, the timeless nature of a river moving slowly, peacefully towards its destiny, have all been captured within the music.

Compelling and infinitely enjoyable, Dillon has encapsulated so many elements required to create an enjoyable and relaxing listening experience with styles ranging in complexity to simplicity, allowing the music to appeal to a wide age range.  His style is such that you simply absorb what feels like music you have known for many years, music which is tucked somewhere inside you, comfortable, familiar and enjoyable.

Should you have problems switching off at night, settling the children for sleep or simply unwinding from a long and stressful day, this collection of what could loosely be termed lullaby’s, will have definite appeal.

As a young man growing up on Kathmandu, Nepal, Dillion began to learn piano in elementary school and continued on during his high school years. Born with ADHD and autistic tendencies his music and love of piano helped him toward overcoming many of his life challenges. This inherent understanding of learning to relate, to the need to switch off, tune out and reach a peaceful place has been interwoven through this 15 track album which will become a firm favourite.

Compelling, relaxing, enjoyable and beautiful, Dillion has created something intrinsically appealing and timeless.

DistributorCD Baby
ReleasedMarch 2017
Running Time51:53secs
ArtistsRichard Dillon