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Let Go

There are twenty two catchy, melodic, relaxing and joyful pieces of engaging music, some short, some long and others a bit more so, gathered together to form the first solo release from German musician Christoph Berghorn in Let Go, the perfect title for a collection of work that takes a dance across so many genres, to evolve into a kaleidoscope of music from the heart and soul of the composer.

Each of the pieces showcase a differing aspect of Berghorn’s immense talent. Well known as musical arranger on children’s albums, as well as for his own passion with pop-rock and jazz-fusion he has added a little of everything to the mix, combining ‘real’ music with his piano and synthesizer, to deliver an album which will certainly become one that is a firm favourite.

Let Go introduces the work with a catchy upbeat tempo that simply lifts the dullness from the day, adding sunshine and happiness to what may otherwise have been something very ordinary.

Delicate and captivating is Cellody for Annika, born from the sadness of a life lost too young and a request to cellist Doortje Maillard and Berghorn to create a special piece to be played at her funeral.

Rich and sensual the sounds of Mathias Keidel on saxophone bring a complimentary element to Piano Reflections 2. Keidel also joins Berghorn on piano in the lovely, almost whimsical Once Upon A Time originally titled Once, a piece which was also performed as a vocal version by Uwe Gronau.

Egyptina is funky, captivating, up-tempo, fun, enjoyable and a complete change of pace, something which has come to be expected as each of the tracks unfold. And you are only up to track 7, having already, in such a short time, been taken on a journey of pure enjoyment.

Total Slow Down encourages a little time out for reflection and encompasses the ethos of Berghorn who firmly believes that in every life, time needs to be taken to review, address, let go and reform, to allow anticipation to enter. A lovely jazzy blues feel overlays this gorgeous piece. The absolutely delicious Softly Swaying Away, a little further down the list, is perfect for that brief moment of mindfulness that is often needed into today world.

Sunflowers always come with a massive dose of cheerfulness. Field of Sunflowers does just this, encapsulating a sense of vibrant colour, their bright plumage open to the warmth and blessings of the day, nodding away to the gentle breezes ruffling their perfection.

Eventually but all too soon, the final track Ocean Dream arrives, drawing an album of perfectly beautiful enjoyment to a gentle close, with the intricately composed tribute to the awe-inspiring beauty to be discovered when gently floating on life oceans.

In the words of Christoph Berghorn

“Close your eyes, dream, meditate, fly……….. Let Go”

Distributor CD Baby
Released June 2019
Running Time 1:10:58
Artists Christoph Berghorn