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Life Sometimes

Composition by Sarah Dukes and translation by Yaron Gershovsky makes for a wonderful, refreshing fusion of precise notes and performance in this beautiful solo piano album.

Each piece in this latest release, some five years in the creation, is a completely individual piece that overall comes together to tell a tale, create a mood, present perfection or as close as it gets to purity in construction and presentation.

The first two tracks Stargaze and Violet Beams set the ambience for what is to follow, a catchy, slightly more upbeat piece in Rainbows and Crystals followed by As the Wind Blows which is delicate, intriguing and descriptive of the various moods the wind takes on its journey; from teasing to gusty and all other paces in between.

Black Rose brings in a slightly more sombre overtone with the precise notes played in a deep and slightly melancholy manner, reflective and evocatively peaceful. Closer is simply that, a well presented piece that draws you in, draws you closer to the music, the heart and the rhythm that is life in one form or another. Tripping delicately along you meander into an interesting closeness with each note played.

Hidden within each piece is an almost compulsive, although subtle, enticement to become involved, to allow yourself to be immersed, to simply join in the flow of the river of life and be taken wherever the music will take you.

Dancing in the Dark changes the tempo once again to a light and tantalising piece that allows the imagination to visualise the spirit dancing with joy, a light and happy heart moving slowly and gently towards the final piece One, which seamlessly combines all the emotions of the previous pieces into one gloriously representational offering on the steady flow of life; the ups and downs, the joy and sadness and the reminder that all things move on, all things change, all things become renewed once again and perhaps, most importantly, all things are unique and come to us only once.

Listening to this album several times over finds you relaxing, dreaming, drifting along, and moving into an almost mediative state of mind, where the stillness comes upon you without conscious thought.


Website http:/
Distributor CDbaby
Released May 2016
Running Time 52.15secs
Artists Composition - Sarah Dukes; Performed - Yaron Gershovsky