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Lost in a Trance

In this delicately poised EP, Lost in a Trance solo pianist Eddy Ruyter takes a gentle and meandering journey into the world of massive changes the two years of COVID bought into people lives, no matter where they lived.

 He found the days eventually developed a certain slow, almost changeless ambience which he has captured in the four pieces that make up Lost in a Trance.  In so many way, for so many people who did not have the luxury of being able to move further than their apartments, life took on an almost trance like state, a matter of simply being and getting through another day.

While in reflection of this sameness he realised that while restrictive, the slower pace of life presented a rare opportunity to to slow down, to begin to see and value the everyday aspects of life, often taken for granted. Snow falling, birds nesting, leaves changing colour, the many hued colours of the ever changing skies, family and the small things so often overlooked.

Lost in a Trace is a short interlude in time introduced with the light Into Tomorrow, before drifting into Floating, a beautiful soft, resonant piece which is most enjoyable.

The signature piece Lost in a Trance is faster, more up-tempo with several layers filled with life and a lovely sense of vibrancy.

Concluding with Sundays Calling the soft sound of the keyboard gently stroked, brings with it an image of a man, a piano with the time to simply sit and dream, capturing emotions in a beguiling manner.

Short but enchanting Lost in a Trace, while created out of the sameness of the COVID epidemic, is a soft, gentle and peaceful moment in time to be enjoyed at any time.

Distributor Bandcamp
Released February 2023
Running Time 13mins 3 secs
Artists Eddy Ruyter