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Love Story

Love Story from Robin Spielberg is akin to entering a room full of old, much loved friends and remembering the precious moments in life spent with them, the times they cheered, soothed and totally meshed with the emotion of the moment.

In selecting this romantic and popular collection of music in celebration of her 25 years spent with beloved husband  Larry Kossen, she has chosen pieces that have meant much to so many over the years; pieces which are considered as evergreens, many written in the changing times of the late 1960’s and ‘70’s when the world was once again changing.

From the first note in Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, made famous by Elton John in 1973 with lyrics by Bernie Taupin, through to the reflective and soulful And So It Goes from Billy Joel, this is an album that while romantic to very last note, is also a walk down memory lane.

All of the piece without exception on their original releases came with rich backing or backing in some way. To have the beautiful melodies extracted and presented using only voice of the piano played with a deep passion and emotion, is a rich and wonderful experience.

Sergei Rachmaninoff provided the inspiration for the delicate Alone By Myself (All By Myself), a piece full of heartache and reflection. A particular favourite has always been Alone Again, Naturally from Gilbert O’Sullivan; the somewhat wry lyrics to this piece fit the emotion beautifully.

David Gates wrote IF in 1971: the words come immediately to mind, how could they not; ‘If a picture paints a thousand words……………..’, Spielberg has captured perfectly the emotion entwined with these deeply emotional words of love written by Gates so many years ago.

When ‘Love Is Blue’ arrived on the music ether in 1967 it was almost a revelation in the world that was full of the new beat: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and everything as far from a rich orchestral piece as you could imagine. To say this gloriously romantic song captured the airwaves would be an understatement. To hear it refreshed, stripped bare and beautiful is a wonderful treat.

Bob Dylan, noted folk singer and political activist wrote the intriguing Make You Feel My Love in 1997, a folk song and one of his many romantic pieces, as he pleads his case of true love to his lover, before And So It Is Over from Billy Joel draws  Loves Songs to a close, signing off on a work that is all of many things; beautiful, rich, emotional, passionate, wry and accepting.

Spielberg at her very best.

Distributor Robin Spielberg
Released February 2020
Artists Robin Spielberg