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Melodic Voyage: Music for Relaxation, Meditation and Contemplation

A lovely old fashioned aire Tegucigalpa introduces a voyage of charm and delight as Mark Dunn takes us for a journey around and about the world in each of the melodic, relaxing and beautifully crafted pieces, that make up his latest solo piano album, Melodic Voyages.

A traveller and musician Dunn has performed to audiences’ worldwide, enjoying and embracing the changing pace of life and culture in each of the many places he has visited or lived. He estimates that he has been around the wold at least three times and considers this experience and the experiences he has been involved with have seeped into his music.

Each of the pieces has been written with a person, a place or an event in mind and in many ways pays tribute to the emotions that have remained. Such a piece is Don’t Cry Paola, created after hearing a mother speak to her heart broken daughter in the aftermath of terrible ravaging storm and mudslides in Honduras.

A deliciously measured piece is the Children’s Waltz, slow dreamy and thoughtful, Dunn looks at the feelings of a small bird learning to fly for the first time; a small child learning to ride without training wheels on their bike. A step into another form of freedom is offered in, The Truth, reflecting on the price so often paid for freedom in today’s world.

Regardless of what order the tracks are enjoyed, each one is singularly well constructed with a definite feeling of grace entwined within the notes.

The lovely little melody Fools’ Dance encourages some toe tapping, perhaps even a gentle jig, while the captivating piece The Moon Represents My Heart, based on a Mandarin melody, is pure enjoyment.

The final track was written after bumping into an old girlfriend in Costa Rico which inspired Dunn to rewrite It’s You, formerly a single, with the melody now coming from a completely different, emotional perspective some ten years on.

Written to encourage a peaceful interlude in a day or evening, this very different compilation of times, places and emotions touches the heart strings with a lovely sense of joy and peacefulness.

Website http://www.markdunnmusic dot net
Distributor mark Dunn
Released 2018
Artists Mark Dunn