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Moods, Impressions & Souvenirs

Pam Asberry’s journey from concert pianist to composer commenced in 2017 with the release of her first album Seashells in My Pocket, a beautiful, lyrical album that was received with great acclaim. Since her debut as a composer she has released another four albums, the latest being what she considers her best work to date, the classically inspired Moods, Impressions and Souvenirs.

Prague, located at the centre of the Czech Republic features several times with the beautiful Praha Fantasy a measured, almost careful piece reflecting on the many aspects of a major city, the light and dark, the hidden wonders, majestic architecture, the raw beauty to be discovered around every corner, commences a mellifluous journey of reflection and joy.

Homage is also being paid to the almost forgotten Czech composer Zdenek Fibich (1850-1900) who created a collection of more than 400 pieces he called Moods, Impressions and Souvenirs, which provided the inspiration for this captivating album.

A little further into the album is the intriguing piece The Astronomical Clock, which captures the awe-inspiring brilliance of the world’s third astronomical clock and oldest working clock. This intricate composition represents the many facets of time passing.

Continuing on the journey through Prague is the delightful A Walk Across the Charles Bridge. Up tempo, catchy and delightful the imagination immediately moves to a sun filled day, time of little consequence in the richness of the moment spent strolling across the gloriously beautiful medieval Charles Bridge, a bridge considered as possibly the most beautiful in Europe, but certainly the most famous.

Another delightfully light piece Swimming with Stingrays reimages the memory of a magical time spent swimming amongst the Stingrays to be found around the many sandbars of the North Sound of Grand Caymans. There is once again a measured rhythm, mystery, hesitancy, then confidence before the pure joy of being in the water with such incredible creatures of the sea, as they accept you into their watery world, showing their skills for your enjoyment; or so it seems.

Floating is a lovely, light song, simple, elegant, drifting and enjoyable asking for nothing more than to be enjoyed. Reverie is another such piece, perfectly placed to continue the ambient mood created by A Walk Across the Charles Bridge. October in Paris is charming, continuing a moment of relation, but full of the joie de vivre that is simply Paris in the Autumn, or any time, as there is something captivating about this charming, complex and beautiful City to be discovered in all seasons.

A sombre ending to a joy filled journey is the lamentation White Poppy in remembrance of victims of war; solemn, respectful and in today’s world, timely.

Is Moods, Impressions and Souvenirs perhaps the best from Pam Asberry: I would say it is her finest work to date; far more introspective than her previous albums in many ways, but also allowing the full depth of her talent to become very apparent in each of the compositions.


Distributor Pam Asberry
Released March 2020
Running Time 44:15
Artists Pam Asberry