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Out of Doors

Wells Hanley and Matt Wyatt otherwise known as Bodhiheart, second album Out of Doors is pure meditation voiced in music, which evolved from the deeply sensual poetry of Persian poet Rumi, and deep meditation.

Following on from their first album, released after COVID Love Rules, where celebration of life was the impetuous, this collection of divine meditation pieces sees Wells Hanley on piano and Matt Wyatt as field sound recordist and producer.

Each of the twelve meditations are perfection. Soft, gentle, full of love and tranquillity, each note has been carefully placed, considered as a single note of the whole, often supported by the very delicate sound of nature, which can be discovered by simply sitting and listening: allowing the mind and body to relax, to be there in the moment, expecting nothing but open to receiving the sound of the Earth breathing, nature offering her gifts of timeless creating.

Much of Rumi’s poetry is reflective of ‘love which infuses the earth’, as well as a strong knowing of humanity and all its many faults, of which he, through his poetry, offered guidance, placing him firmly in the category of mystic and philosopher.

Singularly each piece takes its own mediation journey into the realms of relaxation, commencing with the gentle Departure; a small piece that offers a brief moment of pleasurable relaxation, before moving into the lengthier pieces such as the reflective Derecho and the gentle flowing of Creek Song, filled with the subtle music of water moving timelessly over the stones of the creek bed.

Ocean Sand Skin, transports to the absolutely sensual moments when to bare the skin to the healing waters of the ocean, to bury the feet in the sands of the shore, to reconnect in the most primal of ways to Mother Earth is to heal, to be restored, to become one.

Completing the one hour and eight minutes of meditation and relaxation is the slow, subtle and immensely beautiful Other World. At 8:13 minutes in duration it is the perfect piece to drift into singular meditation or simply to enjoy for what it is; the exquisite sound of poetry as music. Perfection.

Distributor Bodhiheart Music
Released January 2023
Running Time 1hr 8 mins.
Artists Bodhiheart