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Out of the Blue

Gloriously free and easy, this debut album from pianist Cory Lavine is an absolute pleasure to enjoy as the music is easy, sensitive and relaxing.

Songs on Out of the Blue are played in the higher registers, which is a lovely change as the music takes on a life of its own, one that feels the notes dancing over the ether, full of enjoyment and pleasure.

The entire work is light, delicate, pleasurable and as Lavine offers when describing the birth of this collection, ‘many of the pieces, particularly the title track, came out of the blue’, when he sat down at his piano and hit the record button, not knowing what magic would come through his fingers on the keys.

Tracks titles always hint at the backstories that provide the inspirations for pieces such as Riding the Wind, a free and easy composition that really needs no descriptors, but presents the wonderful feeling of freedom that comes with doing just this, riding the wind!

A Child’s Wish is a piece everyone will relate to as it is something special, something asked for only once and enjoyed should the wish be fulfilled. There is poignancy to this piece which makes it rather special. Flitting along is New Day followed by the short but catchy Little Dance which has captured the joy and freshness of a brand new day with the dance that can live in everyone hearts.

Reminiscing completes this lively, snappy, nine track collection which will, without a doubt, bring lightness to your day. Although Out of the Blue was released in 2015 it is still as fresh now as it was then, which is the  signature of a timeless, evergreen album which will bring a smile and a light heart each time it is enjoyed.


Distributor CD Baby
Released 2015
Running Time 33:22 secs
Artists Cory Lavine