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Doug Hammer discovered just how much fun he could have when he decided to work outside the box and have a go at four handed piano, duet if you will, by accompanying himself on his latest album of original pieces, Piano2.

His love of improv, honed by end of concert performances when an improv piece was created there and then, resulting in a huge amount of entertainment for the audience and a lot of fun for the musicians.

Building on from this Hammer decided to begin experimenting by recording the accompaniment and then wrapping the melody, tweaking and fine tuning until the right sound emerged. Piano2 is the end result; a work of fifteen pieces full of fun and experimentation which cross over, through and round many genres.

Catching the ear is Shimmer In Disaster, a title which leaves a considerable amount to the imagination, with the resultant track anything but a disaster. A boppy little piece, which is reminiscence of perhaps a backing piece from Friends or similar, is The Sunshine in You, catchy, jaunty and full of life.

Strut Your Stuff is exactly that; a full-on chunky piece that is straight out of the roaring 20’s when pushing the edges was the new sound in music. With this piece the title really says it all. Funky!

A favourite amongst all of the favourites is Chasin’ Possum; down right up-beat, full of fun with a slight dash of larrikin built in. Boogie Woogie to your heart’s content and when you need to settle to rest a little, the beautiful A Rainy Night With You encompasses the very ambience of a peaceful, romantic night in with a beloved one, enjoying the peace that often comes with the blessing of a gentle rainy night. Gorgeous.

But moving on through the vastly different selections, the reflective Shine Bright is a delicate, restful piece full of nuances, subtle and not as it seems. The gentle melody wraps around the heart strings with soft strokes of the keys.

As the end as always draws nigh, Doug Hammer has created a lovey melody The Last Goodbye, full of emotion, which as with all music, can be interpreted as you choose. As a final goodbye to a loved one, a peaceful end to a lovely event or day, the choice is yours, but whichever emotion is chosen it will certainly be in harmony with the delicate shades of the music.

Piano2 certainly livens up the emotions through the wonder of music and the slightly off beat nature of Doug Hammer and his music.

A fun, funky an absolutely delightful collection to be enjoyed many times over.

Distributor CD Baby
Released January 2020
Artists Doug Hammer