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Portraits of Days Past

Noted for his moody, ‘Night Aged’ music Solace Road has released his latest work Portraits of Days Past capturing the moments in life when reflection, retrospection and learning come to one and all.

Sombre in many of the songs and yet with an underlying softness, the works judge not the moment of introspection, but simply as does time, allows a time of learning and gentle consideration to be undertaken.

Each of song titles allude to moments familiar to all as they travel life’s fascinating and challenging journey, when Sentiments are indulged, and the wonder that is Beyond the Hidden Door are discovered.

Drift Away to allow Illusion to prevail, a hint of Yesteryear to remind of Lost Time before Introspective consideration is given to A Lasting Moment all of which is offered through the medium of gentle, soulful and delicate piano, threaded throughout with careful consideration to portray the emotion suggested in the title.

Portraits of Days Past is one of the collection of songs that will evoke a series of varying and though provoking emotions, which will prove to be somewhat fascinating and yet melancholic, while allowing the mind to simply drift into the many hidden corners, to return having allowed memories to be released, encouraging a fresh new sense of hope and happiness for the yet uncharted and undiscovered times ahead.

Distributor Bandcamp/Spotify
Running Time 44mins 20secs
Artists Solace Road