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Ring Around the Moon

In this solo piano album from Richard Dillion written in the winter months and recorded in 2014, the titles of the various tracks take your imagination through a journey into many and varied concepts, concepts which at the time gave inspiration to the quiet, almost reclusive, musician.

What is behind the mystique that arrives when the moon has a ring surrounding it, an occurrence that is not often seen, but when it is it is usually during the winter months,  and seems to herald in that almost superstitious element within us all. Dillion has tapped into this element to create the purity which can be found on a cold frosty, snowy winter’s day.

Groundhog Saw His Shadow simply begins the journey with wonderment, teasing the imagination into creating the scene, the amazement of this event in a humble woodchucks evening.

December Sunset, when followed by Dying of the Light, allows the visualisation of the day coming to a glorious close, and then of the fun to be had on Midnight Sleigh Ride. Romantic, frosty and pure this beautiful segue of pieces is delightful for its singular, but not insular reverence.

Dreaming of Hawaii is something we all do during the midst of winter when it seems that all is cold, cold, cold, and there will not be a warm day anytime soon. Somehow Dillion manages to get his piano to create that lovely tropical, warm, almost sultry feel that is Hawaii, allowing you to bask for just a moment in that beautiful, almost idyllic paradise.

As the season moves along so too does the music, leading to the almost dainty Scattering of Stars, inspired by the viewing of the night sky on a deep, frosty winters night, which is nothing other than pure perfection.

A Whiteout is something that is as magical as it can be terrifying, but Dillion has chosen to present this as a light, ethereal moment in time, which then leads into the final and delightfully warm piece Hot Cocoa By The Fire, making this a comfortable and comforting ending for an album that is peaceful, enjoyable and as always, original.

DistributorCD Baby
Releasedre release October 2017
ArtistsRichard Dillon