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River Serene

The cover of the album depicts a man in a boat paddling on a river at moonrise, which, metaphorically speaking establishes the mood for this latest release from Timothy Wenzel.

As you drift though the music there is the distinct feeing of a man at peace, at one with his music: the notes flowing from his fingers through the medium of the keyboard. Fascinating, evocative, drifting to the level where it becomes difficult to separate the creator from the music – all is one, one is all.

Using the river as a metaphor for life, that of a stream or force constantly moving onward, his new creation reflects so much more about the man involved in the creation of the music than ever before.

Captured is a sense of peace, of harmony in his surrounding and the mellow almost hypnotic essence of the timelessness of the river, ever flowing onward to the sea.

Each piece has been composed with a specific emotion in mind: that of freedom of spirit, love, joy, reflection and intimacy and each will appeal in the same manner. The music wraps around you as if in a dream, soft and silken to the touch but always transitory, illusive and mysterious.

As a creator, Wenzel sees his career as scientist at the cutting edge of technology and his passion for creating music both as similar disciplines; in that taking an idea and creating and developing it into thing of use or beauty.

Somewhere in the developmental process, the touch of alchemy is added giving it that touch of magic, creation of form and shape. That is certainly the case with River Serene, his best release to date.

Publisher Timothy Wenzel