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Secret Garden

The first notes entice you to open the gate then enter the garden of life, of sound and pleasure as you listen to the subtle creation of this delightful album presented by Monica Logani. Each of the twelve tracks encompasses a wide range of melodies with the piano the main instrument, often interwoven with acoustic and electric guitar as well as gentle, almost illusive, strings.

To liken the collection to a garden is an interesting correlation as with any garden the plants, along with the designs to be planted, are chosen with great care, with the final presentation one of great beauty and enjoyment.

Each of the tracks has been created over the past five years note by note and as with any garden, at times the work changes direction, as if guided by another hand but still maintains the essential element of relaxation.

At times the music tantalises the memory as it hints at other pieces perhaps heard, other notes and compositions enjoyed, but then as with any flower or colour range, comes back to its own specific pattern, colour and style.

Drifting effortlessly over the various elements we are encouraged meander slowly through the garden enjoying each of the factors which have inspired the various compositions, beginning with The Gardener, the person who sets out to commence the creation. In this case the piece has been written in commemoration of a gardener, who moved to his everlasting garden, far too soon.

Autumn Sky brings in the various details of the spectacular sunset and sunrise’s often experienced in this season, along with the wonderful colours as the earth settles into a slower, easier pace, getting ready for the long and sleepy months of Winter.

Carousel changes the tempo slightly followed by the beautiful solo piano piece, Butterfly, then the electric guitar combines with piano in Bali Bells to introduce a slightly exotic element into the garden.

Journeys End followed by Between Two Worlds brings the journey through the garden to the end of the pathway, having enjoyed the colour, the peacefulness and the wonderful mix of surprises encountered along the ways as you walk between two worlds, becoming ready to return to the mundane, more refreshed and relaxed than before you entered  the ‘Secret Garden’.

Released April 2016
Running Time 34.12sec
Artists Monica Logani