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Improv piano is always delightful to enjoy as the music has that certain something, that unexpected element of surprise, as if to say to the creator, let us see what happens when you simply let the melody develop without specific control, expectation or reason.

Sketches from Michele McLaughlin is an album of improv pieces which when put together create a light, fresh, breezy work that lifts the spirit, gladdens the heart and creates a real dose of that wonderful ’feel good’ feeling.

A jaunty little piece is the Traveler, depicting an element of the unexpected as a journey is undertaken, a destination in mind the various aspect of the voyage yet to be seen, enjoyed and discovered. A magical little piece full of light and fun.

The Long Night begins as slightly hesitant piece, reminiscent of those nights when sleep seems so far away, the endless dark allowing those disenchanted elements to enter, to be reviewed, let go into that some other place, where errant thoughts wander, before a fresh morning arrives.

Somewhere we have all been is Lost: whether emotionally, physically or on a journey where arriving at the destination is via a route which at the beginning of the journey was unplanned. Such can be said of life’s journey as the pathway is always other than what is expected or even foreseen. This lovely solo piano piece captivates perfectly offering the elements of unexpected within the composition.

Rounding out a lovely collection is the rich, enjoyable Unshakeable which perfectly draws to conclusion a varied, light and very entertaining collection of Sketches.

Distributor Michele McLaughlin
Released January 2021
Artists Michele McLaughlin