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Solitude is a very important component of pianist and composer Neil Patton’s life and in tribute to many ways solitude can be enjoyed, his latest album gently leads you to a place where a solitary moment awaits.

Inside the album cover Patton has listed the songs and the blessings offered, as he sat and composed these delightfully inspirational pieces.   Beginning with The Turning Page he has dedicated this piece those who awaken to a new dawn, a new beginning, a fresh journey, with the final destination still an unknown.

A dainty little piece, with a reflective undertone is called Redemption for those who have burned all their bridges and ‘still hold the matchsticks in their hands’, a place so many have been and many are yet to discover! Perhaps there is certain degree of wry understanding entwined within the music!

Solitude has its own up-tempo, vibrant piece in Walking On Air dedicated to that supreme moment of freedom discovered when all about you is space, openness and the acceptance of so many new possibilities life has to offer.

Every artist or creator has a muse, that essence essential in the alchemy of creativity and to that end Patton has create The Muse in tribute to the magic that makes all things possible. Where I Can’t Follow is a hauntingly delicate piece for those who grieve the loss of a loved one. Sensitive and calming it offers acceptance that this is the natural order and that goodbye is not always forever.

The signature piece Solitaire dedicated to all the  ‘precious people’ met as you travel life’s pathways, is an upbeat, catchy little number, with the word directly related to the traditional meaning of the in the 1500’s where it meant ‘widow’, but in modern times and modern English is representative of ‘a precious stone set by itself’.

Palm 131. A song of ascents. Of David, forms the basis for Back Porch, where the beauty of the songs of David offer reflection, meditation and solitude with the final track Gethsemane crafted as  prayer;, a final reflection on the majesty that is God and the poignancy that ‘he has been where I am, and he understands: something well worthy of consideration and contemplation.

One again a delightful album crafted to be enjoyed, designed to encourage a time of reflection, of hope, of acceptance, coupled with the offering of graceful blessings woven through the music.

Distributor CD Baby
Released March 2018
Running Time 59:26secs
Artists Neil Patton