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Soul Dreams

In 1986 Christopher Boscole released his first solo piano album, Shimmer, which was to become the beginning of a collection of albums, with Soul Dreams coming in at number 11. Not all are ‘new age’ style solo piano, several are based in his various other passions within the music genre, that of contemporary, jazz and neo classical disciplines, which when looking back shows a depth of talent, which has come together to create a wonderful, relaxingly intricate collection of pieces.

Each of the songs is a delight to enjoy, each special, each reflective of a moment in time. New Hope reflects new beginnings, changes, beginning anew, whereas as Polyana discovers a little of that bright, hopeful Pollyanna-like magic hidden inside us all.

Empathy is somewhat more sombre, reflective, and intimate and in the final few moments, the almost introspective mood created is delicately lifted, signing off, encouraging moving on.

Melodic and slowly peaceful, Souls Journey is simply a delightful treat, beautifully constructed and offered as a relaxing moment in time. When followed by Soul Dreams the two make a delicately placed balance of time, place and space.

Striking a slightly more discordant note, in Piece of the Soul, Boscole uses the piano in a manner which completely changes the mellow nature to date, adding an edginess that life so often contains when least expected. While not challenging the status of what has gone before, the piece reminds that life a can, more often that appreciated, contain changes which while not appreciated, teach and eventually add to the richness of life.

The finale Sunshine Suite is dainty, delicate and delightful, adding a dose of sunshine to the day; the notes remind one that the rays of the sun come to life through the delicate leaves of trees, the harshness of the summer sun and the warming, gentle nature of the winter sun. In some respects, the piece offers memories of water rippling gently over stones in a stream, with the rays of sunlight highlighting the surface of the water adding their charm and light to the day.

As with all albums of this calibre, the listener will discover so many variations within each of the songs, dependant on when it is enjoyed and the mood at the time.

Soul Dreams is definitely relaxing, totally pleasurable and offers the opportunity to take some time out in the day to simply allow the mind and soul to dream.

Author Christopher Boscole
Distributor CD Baby
Released January 2018
Running Time 63:33sec