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Stories is a collection of music portraits of people met by Stephen Wallack on his journey thus far in the life: people , who have left a lasting impression and just as a fine artist creates a likeness on canvas, so to does Wallack create a  likeness with music.

Before listening to the music read the titles; Sunrise, Rain, perfect droplets sliding down the window panes, Children, Excelsior, now who created the inspiration for this fast paced and complex piece that dances along,  My Love, The Dancer , My Love, Cousins, # 8, was that the number 8 bus I wonder, Monet and Sunset. Each title immediately draw to mind a memory of a person met or event occurred to remain forever in the memory,  of good times and challenges, all of which have been captured in the sumptuous portrait of people, life and living.

The Dancer is a piece that commences, not as a mellow piece as first anticipated but with a  dissonant voice, before settling into a rather singular, isolationist melody, capturing the total introversion required of the dancer as they mentally and physically move into the captivity of the moment.

Water Lillie’s by Monet is the first thought to mind as the delicate, structured notes flow forth, in the piece Monet, bringing with them all the elegance and beauty captured by Claude Monet (1840-1926) over a lifetime of painting with great care, the beauty before him in his garden: A gloriously romantic piece which captures beauty with grace.

From Sunrise to Goodnight the day has unfolded, capturing in its momentum so many of the people, events and emotions that have formed the colour of the day, the kaleidoscope of emotion that is the very essence of life, all  of which has been delightfully captured in Stephen Wallack’s Stories.

Distributor Stephen Wallack
Released October 2020
Artists Stephen Wallack