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Storybook Love

Laura McMillan has once again used her medium of piano to recreate the feeling of love in all its many forms; From the first love, the beginning of ‘storybook’ love felt by many young girls when they fall in love with the handsome prince in the story, or the knight on his white charger coming to the rescue; the hero of the day.

And perhaps the not so young as they develop a passion for the likes of Emily Dickens “Mr Darcy”, a rock star or Superman. Oh, so real, but completely unattainable; the joy of totally unrequited love, dreaming. McMillan delicately draws us through all the various aspects of growing up, dreaming of love and falling in and out of love.

Track by track we are drawn into reflecting on all the delicious, heart-warming moments of first love, the heartache of breaking up, realising this is not for you, the joy of rediscovery, the new love and the journey to Happy Ever After with once again the ‘storybook’ ending, the fairy-tale come true.

This is an album about dreams, facing the realities; the emotion which comes with loving in all its many forms skilfully presented using inspired touch on the keys; just piano, nothing more, nothing less.

Delicate, dainty in many tracks, almost sugary sweet in others, balanced out by some of the more sombre aspects, the journey we undertake looking forward, looking back, is all the richer when done listening to expression created in music, soft, gentle, subtle and firm, but there it last. Just like real, true ’storybook’ love.

Publisher Perhaps Piano Records