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Sunset Breeze

Music is a most powerful medium. It can reach out and succeed in bringing comfort, solace, joy, happiness and peace when all else fails.

In Sunset Breeze, Lynne Yew Evers forth solo piano album, she has captured the very essence of life based in faith, with the wish that her graceful music will reach out to encourage and help those finding life’s pathway challenging. The music simply flows from her emotions to the keyboards, creating what Will Ackerman calls ‘a walk through the most beautiful garden you have ever imagined’ which is absolutely true.

Her talent is full of passion and beauty which is presented on all the thirteen tracks which go into creating a wonderful, personal concert to enjoy in the moment, simply for the peace and pleasure offered, even though Oriental Moon is one song that steps outside of the gentle melody, with some powerful chords adding a richness to the piece.

There is no one particular favourite track on this album as each of the songs is such a pleasure to enjoy, each perfect in their own space and place, that the work offers a consummate package of wonders and emotions.

Dancing Doll begins the concert with a lovely, intimate and entrancing melody whereas Sunset Breeze is slightly melancholy as can be the emotion of a day drawing to a close, the gentle breezes of the evening heralding the dark of the night to follow, ever present.

Khai Qin’s Song weaves in the mystery of the orient perhaps in tribute to her upbringing in Malaysia, a lovely measured piece that is full of depth and intrigue as is A Walk In A Chinese Garden.

Yew Ever’ music on the surface appears to be another piano solo album, but the more you listen, the more feeling and emotion is uncovered as is the intention behind the music: deep, passionate and a loving connection with nature.

Sunset Breeze is another intimately graceful album from a pianist who has taken the majesty of Neo-Classical New Age compositions to another level completely; that of heartfelt passion and emotion.

If you are new to her music Sunset Breeze will make a perfect introduction Lynne Yew Evers and the unique world of Neo Classic music.

Distributor Heart Dance Records
Released March 2018
Running Time 54:26secs
Artists Lynne Yew Evers