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Surrender (Orchestrated Version) – Single

A small six minute piece, Surrender from pianist Pam Asberry offers a rich, melodic kaleidoscope of cinematic sound that is beautiful, captivating and full of deep emotion, reborn as an orchestrated version of her solo piano piece released on her album The Presence of Wonder, in 2019.

 Strong and passionate to commence the work softly segues into a timeless sense of peace, of acceptance and renewal, which captures the essence of looking backwards to allow looking forward to commence.

The word Surrender means to accept defeat, to stop resisting, but as a word it fails to note that often, to surrender, means that a specific kind of peace can eventually be obtained and in doing so creates a strength of purpose, an acceptance, a time of moving on to fresh new beginnings, all of which has been beautifully captured within the orchestration.

This seems to be a lot of emotion for one small single but the depth of feeling, coupled with the richness of the enveloping orchestration, demonstrates in a gentle and loving manner that Surrender can be a time of gentle rebirth.

Pleasurable and immensely enjoyable Surrender the single, is one well worth adding to the playlist.

Distributor Pam Asberry
Released 2020/2021
Artists Pam Asberry