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The London Sessions

Released to wide acclaim in October, the beautiful work The London Sessions from award winning pianist Ed Bazel is a collection of pieces with a very wide appeal; from the young pianist to the older members of society who know perfection when they hear it.

Recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios, Ed Bazel fulfilled a lifelong dream; to record is the same studio the Beatles used, when they created their evergreen masterpieces in the 1960’s: Studio 2. One can only imagine the emotion as he walked onto the hallowed grounds, to sit and play, creating his own magic, piece after beautiful piece.

Twelve songs make up the collection, each one exquisitely presented, full of grace and charm, leading off with the somewhat jaunty Morning Glory, very reminiscent of the streets of London waking fresh from the night, full of vibrancy and life.

After the Rain is a delicately created piece, very easy to relate too, as it offers a freshness that is to be found after the rain. A time when tears are washed away, and all around sparkles with the glory of a new beginning, the earth watered, refreshed and renewed once again.

Daydreaming is so easy to do and never more so than when listening to the gentle, melodic song Daydream, which will transport you with great delight, to a place to which only you can travel; a place where only you can create your dreams, if only for a delicately coloured moment.

Poignant and rich in deep emotion, I Will Think of You has captured that moving moment when a special someone is remembered: the memories rich, very much alive, bringing forth a sadness, a joy and a moment of reflection before the final track is revealed; a tribute to the Beatles and a piece many consider as one of their significant compositions.

 Yesterday, beloved of a generation of Beatles fans and now many generations, is a piece that wraps around the emotions, as when originally written by Paul McCartney, it was about the breakup of a relationship with a girl over something that was said. Written for single vocals, acoustic guitar and string quartet, the work was not released until 1966.

Ed Bazel has remained true to the original intent, as he has added violin and ‘cello to his rendition, making this the perfect finale to an enchanting collection of music.

Released October 2022
Running Time 35:57secs
Artists Ed Bazel