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Time Not Forgotten

Dancing across the keyboards the delicately constructed song Dancing Through My Memories introduces the latest Album from solo pianist Rhonda Mackert, Time Not Forgotten; the name in itself a gentle hint to the delightful journey to be undertaken.

A gentle light feeling follows on with Walking Among Giants, a piece in which it is very easy to imagine walking through tall timbers, lost in the moment, in awe of nature and the perfection created in the seeming disarray of nature. A gloriously peaceful song to simply be enjoyed.

With Time Not Forgotten the work changes tempo to be a more definitive composition, slightly sharper, deeper, perhaps a little more poignant in the emotion imbedded in the creation.

A very real change of pace is Monsoon introduced with sharp, single notes before building to a crescendo, strong bass notes clearly painting a picture of these majestically destructive storms as they begin with a small breeze, building to raging tempests before calming, moving on as once again a gentle breeze; a metaphor for so many aspects of life.

Chasing Fireflies is a happy, effervescent song, dancing across the keyboard bringing with it joy and happiness, perfectly depicting the fun to be had when wildly chasing the uncatchable fireflies; such fun to be had.

Sedona, that magical land of wide-open spaces, incredibly immense scenery and a special form of magic, is paid homage too in Dreaming of Sedona, a lovely, melodic, peaceful composition, with shades of light and dark, peace and relaxation woven throughout.

Drawing an enchanting album to a close is the softly entrancing piece Floating Free, which is evocative of so many perfect moments in time, that first glimpse of a new dawn, the delight of floating on the breezes, the soft glory of a perfect sunset, or just allowing the mind to float free of the everyday, to simply be in the moment.

Rhonda Mackerts’ work is captivating, enjoyable, relaxing; painting a picture in the mind of times remembered, and the very real beauty to be found in the moment with nature and life itself.

Distributor CD Baby
Running Time 48:17
Artists Rhonda Mackert