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Tres Best Of…

In this wonderfully varied album, Trez: Best of … the delightful Paz del Castillo shares her musical journey, by selecting what she considers as the best of her music over the years, with the addition of a several tracks released mainly into the European market and three new pieces.

As a ‘Best of’ it is a delightfully constructed album, reflective, joyful and full of beauty as she travels the years, paying tribute to the many and varied things that have been and are, still important in her life.

She begins her retrospective journey with a piece relatively new to her audiences Bolinas, but familiar from her first album Moods for Piano; a lovely piece to offer as an introduction as it reflects back on a time spent in a lovely place overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

From her Eleven Drops collection comes Latiendo signifying life force, El Abrazo del Mar and Improvisacion Sobre Las Aguas Tranquillas all written in tribute to the immensity of the oceans and rives of the world and the calmness and acceptance and solace they offer, which is a n important aspect in del Castilo’s life.

Family are saluted in Mother – the woman who guided her footsteps and Tom – a tribute to her large, joyful, happy and clumsy sheepdog both from the Now album.

The last three compositions that make up the collection are new, commencing with Erase una vez una doncella offering an interesting mix of styles as the piece was inspired by the tale of a maiden from a small village who becomes a warrior, eventually leading her people to victory. Vals for the good people is a tribute to all the good people of the world who offer love and respect to each other. Because of their kindness towards one another the world is a much better place.

A work in several pieces, Lo que se de mi has been constructed as a reflection on the differing section of her life – broody, relaxed and sincere, this piece displays her immense talent on the keyboard and underpins why Paz del Castillo is considered as the most important solo pianist in Spain.

A lovely collection perfect for reflection and pure enjoyment.

Distributor CD Baby
Released September 2018
Running Time 54:03secs
Artists Paz del Castilo