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Two Hearts

Devoted to love in all its many forms, this latest release from David Wahler, Two Hearts is a difficult one to place in any one framework as it is simply without boundaries, superbly capturing the very essence of love in all its many transmogrifications.

The beauty of the pieces wraps around the very ether in which it is unfolding, each perfect piece blending seamlessly into one another, filling the air with romance, heartbreak, joy, regret and delight, such is the overwhelming power of love.

Reading the track titles offers a picture in words of the wonderful musical journey about to capture the heart and the emotions, as only music can with understated elegance.

Always opens the door to this sumptuous hour with an elegant and blissful piece perfect in the presentation, perfect in the combination of soft subtle tones of a love that has been there for a long time; comfortable and there for Always.

The absolutely gorgeous piece I Remember You works off a waltz tempo, with some lovely subtle electronic additions to expand that wonderful moment in time, when memories are returned to real life often bringing with them a heart-warming kind of love, reflection and acceptance.

Paris is considered as the home of love which leads rather nicely into Paris Rain, which captures the softness of the night falling, lovers’ arm in arm, huddled together under the umbrella, oblivious of all around, wrapped in their special world, a world of two souls in love, two hearts wrapped in each other. The addition of electronics to this piece introduces that ethereal element that is to be found on the streets of the world in certain lights, in certain moods and always in a gentle shower of rain at dusk.

David Wahler demonstrates his mastery of the keyboard with Two Hearts, the title of the album and a piece which before you are aware, has swept you into a world of calm warmth and beauty, layered, romantic and a piece which encourages time to be spent in the blissful moments of romance, a time when two hearts are truly one.

Confession is an interesting composition, sharper, almost abrupt, more up-tempo than the previous tracks, slightly haunting with the use of strings, percussion and synth shaking away the deliciously languid stupor introduced by the previous tracks. Cathartic!

Sadly, this rich, expressive and sumptuous album must draw to an end, which it does with the incredibly romantic piece Then She Went to Sleep, the perfect conclusion to a time spent indulging in the purity of the most powerful of all emotions, Love.

When the final note is played, returning to the mundane of everyday life is like a seriously nasty dose of cold water, which then leads to having to push play again and escape once more into world of soothing love and bliss.

A really special, special work of pure love.

Distributor CD Baby
Released July 2019
Running Time 56:00
Artists David Wahler