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Eleven tracks, deep, sombre, reflective graced with, in places a touch of lightness, creates the deeply moving and emotional album Unraveling from pianist Pam Asberry, as she spends time at her beloved piano reflecting back over the year that was 2020.

In many people lives structure is vitally important and when this structure changes, begins to crumble and there appears to be little that can be done to change the flow of life, a dark place is created, where although life does flow on, it is with a different tempo.

Beginning with the moody Storm Clouds Gather the piece is deep, but has a lighter core which when coupled with the delicately beautiful Uravelling makes a stunning entrance to a work, which without a doubt, would have to be to date Asberry’s finest series of compositions.

The immense emotion of the fragmented times over the year have been captured in a skilful and almost unconscious manner, offering to all a moment of the soul, a moment in time that will resonate with many.

Hesitant and gentle Bluebird is a lighter song which lifts spirits and captures in a rare delicacy, the stunning beauty of nature in these small, strong little bird’s that have survived extinction, but only just, their song believed by the Iroquois Indian to ward of the icy power of winter.

A personal favourite is Tattered Lace, a piece that simply seems to drift, a musician at one with the keyboard, simply allowing the notes to come forth, to form into the emotion felt at the time.

Saudade captures that feeling of melancholy which aptly describes the longing or yearning for happinessto return once again.  Time Spent With You, a reflective, deeply telling song portraying a grieving which is felt during times of immense loss, before new hope and fresh beginnings are once again presented.

The passionate Metamorphosis, captures the moment when realisation occurs that out of darkness comes light, out of despair comes happiness and out of sorrow comes love. Previously released as a single this song concludes a work which is beautiful, powerful, rich with emotion and one that will touch the very strings of the heart.

Unraveling; beautiful, beguiling and considered as Asberry’s best album to date.

Distributor Pam Asberry
Released May 2022
Artists Pam Asberry.