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Accomplished pianist and composer Lisa Swerdlow has been inspired by the Voyager 1 & 2 story and the amazing longevity of the space project launched by NASA in 1977, to create the beautiful album Voyager.

The two Voyager probes were sent into space to study the outer Solar System at a time when the planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were in a favourable alignment. Now in their third extension, they are still sending back to Earth data and photographs of the planets and their magnificence.

In this her second solo piano album Swedlow has captured that lovely mystery that is space, time and continuance with her gently composed pieces reflective of so much in life and space. Voyager introduces the series of ten songs with a little hesitancy as if to say, I am off on a voyage and the final destination is yet to be discovered.!

Edge of Tranquillity is a perfect piece for relaxation as it teases around the edges of the mind offering, suggesting and ensuring that a moment is taken to simply be.

A definite piece, couched in a more formal setting is presented with Mindful Moments, as if to remind one that there are times on any voyage where you need to be more clearly defined with your direction.

Classic overtones form the beginning of Sunday’s In Paris, a reflective, melodic piece that brings to mind many memories of Paris, the gentle peace which can be found in hidden corners of this romantic and yet frenetic city, there to be discovered on yet another voyage of the heart and soul.

Winter Solstice ushers in the still perfection of the chill of winter, snow lying deep on the ground, the peace that surrounds the mystique of the shortest day, the 22 December in northern climes and the 21 June in southern climes, a time when the day marks the turning of the seasons, the official beginning of winter.

I saw you dancing with the stars is a quirky piece full of the enjoyment of a moment in time, when twirling under the fullness of the night sky filled with stars creates a bonding with the unknown, of the night sky, there to be enjoyed for that one special moment.

Sparkling and dancing across the keys is the final enjoyable piece Yuba River Journey completing a wonderful journey through time, place and space, returning gently to the world around feeling happier, freer and definitely far more relaxed.

Once again, a delightfully enjoyable series of compositions from Lisa Swerdlow.

Distributor Heart Dance Records
Released August 2018
Running Time 47:09
Artists Lisa Swerdlow