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Waiting’s End – solo piano vol:1

Deep spirituality and a rich career in music are the underpinning aspects of this debut album Waiting’s End from gospel singer songwriter KeithTim Anderson, an album in which he has captured the very essence of peace, calm and reflective ambience in the eleven tracks which make up the collection.

Having had a stellar a career as a gospel singer songwriter, he penned a piece of music for solo piano and discovered he rather liked the piece. A second piece followed. Returning to his family home for Thanks Giving Anderson lost his voice through laryngitis. Not able to sing at his parent’s church he combined the two solo piano pieces in a small concert which was received to great acclaim, laying the foundation for this healing and peaceful album.

He refers to each of the pieces as ‘musical snapshots’ written to capture a moment in time, fleeting and yet memorable, distinctive in their difference and yet blending to create a continuous soundscape to that touches a deep chord within the listener.

Several of the pieces have a comfortable familiarity to them that allows the music to be instantly accepted without any need to do more than enjoy the piece, allowing the gentle melodies to relax and refresh.

Autumn Rain begins with an upbeat tempo which is intriguing as well and entertaining, inviting further investigation and setting the scene for what is yet to be discovered. Hope Again is a delicate and thoughtful song based in the gentle words from the Book of Lamentations, ‘I remember his mercies and I have hope again’. (paraphrase)

Each of the titles have a lovely line from the Bible to accompany them, offering soft words to reflect upon. Remember When comes from the Songs of David in the book of Psalms with the reminder to ‘Forget not all his benefits.’

Someday is a piece which will resonate with words of wisdom offered by John, ‘Someday, you will understand, thought you don’t now,’ (paraphrase), a fitting basis for a lilting melody.

Waiting’s End the final song and the title track, is a deep and most enjoyable piece that offers a refreshing and bright new beginning after the often-troubled times lived and overcome.

As a debut album this can be considered as a work of love and understanding from an artist who, through a life challenge, discovered a new beginning, one that has offered many blessings and the gift of relaxation and healing through the beauty of music.

Distributor Heart Dance Records
Released October 2018
Running Time 50:38 minutes
Artists KeithTim Anderson