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Walk In Beauty, Like the Night

On his revisiting the wonderfully enigmatic world of romantic New Age music Michael Whalen has created a marvellously romantic song as the title track for his new album Walk in Beauty Like The Night that reminds one of taking a blank canvas and painting upon it in many and varied hues, simply to discover what will emerge.

With the early release single Walk in Beauty Like The Night, he teases the imagination with many layers of delicate sound to create a whole; an image of faces, of people, of wondrous things and magical moments in life are captured.

A rare smile that lights up the day, a joyful moment when nature reveals its beauty, a grin from a passing stranger that says, Hi, hello; the soft, intriguing mystery of fluffy white clouds, sun kissed skies and moody shadows as the night draws in, are all hidden within each of the layers which gently unfold into a soft, soothing and lovely moment of perfection.

The complete album was released on 21 July and if this track, out now, is anything to go by, it is going to be a collection that will be enjoyed over and over again.

Distributor Michael Whalen/Spout
Released 2023
Artists Michael Whalen