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Walking to you

Delicate, dainty, and immensely peaceful, this solo piano album is one that trips gently across the earth, bringing with it great sense tranquillity which seeps into the inner being; the tension within slowly dissipates as each of the tracks slowly blends into one offering.

Graceful is a word that can be easily used and related too as you slowly enjoy each of the pieces, beginning with the title track Waking to You, which is exactly what happens as you listen; the notes float delicately towards you, seeking and finding that special place within, that little bit of tension, stress and almost ethereally, touches, heals and soothes.

Not that all the pieces are delicate, as Hear Me Now begins on a slightly hesitant note, as if some thought is required before striking the next note, but moves into a more mellow space shifting rhythms and depths, ending with a wonderful crescendo as if to say well, I have been nice, gentle even and now you will Hear Me!

Following this is the calm after the storm with It’ll be OK, a reflective melody tending to overlay the still firm tones of the composition.

Waltz in E Minor takes you back in time when the waltz was considered racy in extreme, and to enjoy such a close dance with the one you loved was special, emotive, delightfully naughty and delicious.

Night Butterflies moves into the mellow and thoughtful time of the day, when you perhaps capture the magic of the night creatures as they go busily about their business, seemingly without a care, but all the while knowing their time on this earth is precious.

A fitting finale to this wonderfully diverse collection of elegance and grace is Starlight Lullaby, which perhaps, more than any other piece creates the feeling of a woman playing at her piano, completely immersed in the wonderful music she is creating. Where the pianist stops and music commences is impossible to discern.

A most beautiful, relaxing album that will be one listened too and enjoyed for many, many years.

Distributor CD Baby
Released July 2016
Running Time 52:37sec
Artists Rachel Currea