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Waltz of Life

Pianist composer Sydney Stevens has captured something very special in her work Waltz of Life made up of tracks created over many years, each piece composed in relation to life events which inspired the need to be written as a tribute and a memory to this event. She has dedicated this work to World Peace in the hope that each and every one can find peace in their own heart, which will ultimately lead to World Peace.

The opening track and album title Waltz of Life was composed in 2016 as she was reflecting on the fragility of life, how fleeting it a can be and the need to end each day with grace. Joined by Keiko Araki on violin and Pansy Chang on Cello, the work is sweeping, with a richness that is all enveloping.

A lovely piece of bits and pieces is Gatherings and, as gatherings in general terms are composed of many diverse peoples, so too is this piece created from diversity, each instrument joining together with the common thread of piano to ‘gather’  with  the intent to live the in moment, enjoy the ability to create joy and happiness through music.

Your New Wings, a piece of note, was created after the passing of her mother, the inspiration coming to her as she was driving through the Columbia River Gorge; the vison of her Mothers strong spirit soaring with new wings, free in the purity of a new dimension. Once again she is joined by Aranki and Chang as they segue gently through the emotions to capture the purity of the joy, sadness and freedom of a spirit soaring, swooping and delighting in splendid innocence.

The final and fitting piece is Waltz of Life Reprise to complete the circle created as the very essence of love, hope, joy and acceptance come together to form a beginning and an end: a refuge, if only for hour to simply take time to take time, to live in the moment, to be remind that life is fleeting and therefore should be lived with grace and kindness.

Waltz of Life is an absolutely charming collection of contemporary music which will both appeal and delight.

Distributor Sydney Stevens
Released May 2020
Artists Sydney Stevens