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We Three Kings

The notes of solo piano charm the soul, with this delightfully modern rendition of the much loved and beloved carol We Three Kings from Eddy Ruyter. Originally written in 1857 by John Henry Hopkins jr, for the New York City Christmas pageant, it became the first American Christmas carol to become widely popular.

Its history still lives on as it is a carol that always, no matter which country, is widely sung by one and all throughout the Christmas season. To hear the music, immediately reminds one of the words and the sense of nostalgia that accompanies the memories of children singing, Carollers doing their rounds bringing joy and happiness and church congregations enjoying the beauty of the words and music,

Eddy Ruyter has loved this carol since childhood and now offers his version of this wonderful, nostalgic carol ‘to wish one and all the happiest of Christmas holidays’.

Distributor Heartdance Records
Released November 2022
Artists Eddy Ruyter