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Whispers the Falling Snow

Track one lets you straight into the ambience of the music as you can almost hear the snowflakes gently falling, the cold crispness of a still winters night and the depth of awe that comes just before the dawning of a new day. Beautiful, soft and gentle, let the peace wash over you.

Definitely a Christmas album, as each of the tracks is a traditional Christmas tune with the occasional delightful side journey into pieces such as Winter Waltz and Returning Home, which gives an additional depth to the music leaning towards a winter time selection which can be played at any time of the winter season, not just during the Christmas period.

As a classically trained pianist Chadburn’s undoubted talent  has led him into the area of improvisation which comes through as intended, simply adding enhancement t many of the traditional pieces such as Away in a Manger and Silent Night bringing them into the modern spectrum of music without losing the appealing traditional melodies of the pieces.

Ending with Whispers the Falling Snow he simply lets the music flow through the medium of the piano. Drifting effortlessly, the music will take you on a celebration of winter, of Christmas and the many meanings over the years of this celebratory time. But most of all it will wrap about you as you sit and dream into the fire on a chill winters evening reminding you that the seasons come and go and music will, as always add that something extra to the celebration, whatever the reason.

Publisher Dan Chadburn