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Wings, the title of Peter Kater’s latest and perhaps most spiritual and fervent work, is simply divine, as the simple beauty created on the keyboard is such that it immediately takes you from one place to another of your choosing, without effort or energy expended.

Considered as one of the early pioneers of solo piano in the ‘New Age’ genre of music Kater has gone on to carve a stellar career from his music, which has seen him earn many Grammy awards over the years. This talent is more than obvious on Wings where the subtle magic of birds soaring on the wing, swooping in glee, simply riding the thermals, floating peacefully on a whim and a gentle breeze, has been captured perfectly.

No matter how you choose to interpret the music, Wings will simply wrap around your heart from the first note. Each of the songs contain a level of intimacy which very easily leads to the belief the music has been written with your emotions as the very inspiration for the pieces.

But where to begin with the pieces: Raven’s Wings as the introduction makes this raucous bird which often appears clumsy when on the land, something special to observe as it flies gracefully across the skies, at home in the perfect elements; graceful, elegant and perfectly designed. An intriguing and beguiling piece.

Delicate, intimate and captivating is the delicious piece Hold Me Close, a song so easy to get lost in that returning to the mundane is a little shocking!

Flight is a somewhat sombre song, hinting at the often-challenging journey undertaken regardless of whether you have wings or are a pedestrian of life. Measured, thoughtful and definitive the melody captivates, adding a lovely robust balance to the body of work.

Drifting and gentle Swallow River simply floats across the ether, dreamy, elegant and immensely peaceful. Remembrance follows in the same metre, allowing the tranquillity and deep spiritual healing woven throughout to be absorbed into the very soul.

Exquisite only barely describes Flight Reprise, the final track, which signals the return to daily life, drawing to a conclusion a journey of deep spirituality couched in immense beauty, a work which allows the imagination to float and soar freely, as do the birds which have provided the inspiration.

In a year of incredible music, Wings, simply put, is absolutely captivating.

Distributor Peter Kater
Released August 2019
Running Time 43:21
Artists Peter Kater