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You’re the One

You’re The One is a lovely, light and most enjoyable solo piano album from beginning to end presenting nothing more than a man sitting at his piano crafting out an album, setting off in one direction, which somehow changed into a tribute to love; the dark, the light all aspects which are love and the pure enjoyment of the way love effects people.

Brian Hagen has blended an album of original compositions with those from the Masters such as Burgmuller, Mendelssohn, Bruckner and Beethoven amongst others, to create the perfect listening album for any time, season or reason.

You’re The One is a lovely upbeat piece to introduce the work, which is immediately followed with By The Limpid Stream composed by Fredrick Burgmuller, a piece not as well known as Nocturne from Alexander Borodin, which is the third track, but absolutely enjoyable in its refreshingly gentle composition.

An unexpected blues piece Lonesome Road, changes the tempo completely and adds a totally different texture to the collection which fits the concept perfectly, as it is devoted to love and all the myriad of emotion that create love.

A gleeful little piece bounces into the mix in Afternoon Waltz, a piece which brings with it joy and fun in four, four time with the reflective, gentle and emotive Let it Flow following along in a complimentary style.

Autumn Afternoon Homecoming is a reflective composition full of highs and lows, ably depicting the range of emotions often felt when coming home, family and friends present and their binding, unconditional love, especially felt after a long absence.

Schumann’s lovely up-tempo Kleine Studie changes the pace once again which leads into the final piece Sunflower, a catchy little jazz composition which concludes the album on a happy, light and thoroughly enjoyable note.

With You’re The One displays Hagen’s him immense expertise across a range of genres, as he slides effortlessly from classical into jazz and blues metres, crafting musical inspiration where something magical, lovely and beautiful has evolved.

Great fun and such very enjoyable easy listening.

Distributor CD Baby
Released November 2018
Artists Brian Hagen