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 Playing with Shadows 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       June 23, 2015


Light and airy, spacious and intriguing are words which are just begging to describe this wonderful healing and joyous collection of music from David Franklin.

Each of the eighteen tracks that make up Playing with Shadows is unique and individual, written to gently offer a different perspective on life, living and healing.

Composed with simplicity of sound in mind Franklin is joined on a number of the tracks by bassist Michael Manring, which gives a depth of richness to the pieces. He then alters the tempo with a deft change of instrument in acoustic guitar, adds a dash of accordion played by Rick Corrigan and a soupcon of electric guitar, with Alex Franklin, to change the mood yet again.

This is an album where nothing can be taken for granted as one piece segues into another seamlessly but individually creating a very different ‘musical space’.

When Franklin writes, he ‘falls into the pieces’, as he is creating them. When listening to each of the pieces they have a similar effect in that you can simply fall into the moment. None are overly long so you find yourself experiencing a differing range of emotions from relaxation and introspection to up tempo and frivolous, which is all good and is perhaps how music should be experienced.

Music of this blend will find its way into those places deep within to bring whatever you need to discover, to enjoy, to touch, to heal, to feel.

Gentle and softly created with a wide appeal, it could also be considered as moving throughout life; the change of rhythms, the tempo, the highs, the low, fast and slow all coming together to make a complex whole.

Deep and dreamy in places, light and vibrant in others you will discover a peace and relaxation as you ‘play with the shadows’.