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Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol. 2

Music that wraps around the heart and soul has been created by Greg Maroney in this his latest ambient piano album which, while structured, is also fluid and free flowing, as if he has simply sat in front of his instrument and allowed the music to flow, to evolve, to be born into creation.

Each of the pieces will take you into a journey that is as intimate as it is overarching, dancing along one minute then gently sliding into reflection, melting and slowing to contemplation, each piece reaching out and touching as it wanders along. Each of the pieces slowly morphs into the next, creating a seamless and yet different hour long album of bliss.

Coming from a classical basis the music has a definite structure which underpins many of the pieces but also allows the free fall of the notes as in Rainbow Vision, where the light and shadow blends together to create tones and moods within the single track.

But going back to the beginning, My Everything really sets the standard for what is to follow, as it opens the doorway into a very personal album of piano, which comes from the very heart and soul of the composer.  While every composition has to be generated somewhere, by a vison, a feeling, a personal triumph or tragedy, seldom does a composer and musician simply compose because they can, and also to see what is there within, still to be discovered.

In the ambient music genre, Maroney seems to have found his home place, his soul space and is happy to share this with his wider audience.

As you listen and become entranced you will also notice, as you go about your daily routines, you are feeling far more relaxed, less stressed, a lot happier and calmer. You need fewer coffees to get you through the day and life seems to be so much less complex.

A tall statement maybe, but try it out for size and see if it fits; you will be more than agreeably surprised with the end result. If you are playing this to help you drift into a peaceful slumber, it will almost guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep amongst the stars.

As you reluctantly leave the album with the final track With Every Breath, you feel as if you are returning from a long and peaceful meditation, refreshed and relaxed.

DistributorCD Baby
ReleasedFebruary 2017
Running Time61:24secs
ArtistsGreg Maroney