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 Road to Ambo 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       September 2, 2014


When times were tough, Adam Andrews turned to his music. When times were good he did the same: as each of life’s joys and challenges were presented to him he found that creating a piece of music helped him through. Take the time to sit and truely listen to this inspirational collection of universal emotions delivered with feeling and love.

As a former member of folk-pop group Cede he was no stranger to the joy, happiness and healing music can bring in its widest sense; Strangely enough he had never really felt the need to record a singles album, to be able to present many of the pieces he so willing composed for himself and his family to a wider community.

After many an ask he realised the gift that he had, that of the ability to compose music that touched and graced the soul, as well as offering the healing that only music can, needed to reach out further was something that could and should be shared.

In this his first solo recording on piano, he has taken the pieces of his life experience and created a beautifully delicate musical journey which he is offering to all. Each track, written at a specific time and place on his life journey, has that extra richness that only comes with understanding.

This is a very special album as it has encapsulated much of what society needs; understanding, patience, joy, healing and peace. His story is that of any person who sets out to make a difference and in his music he freely acknowledges that the road is often challenging and bumpy, but is it also filled with joy and happiness.

Take the time to truly sit and listen to this inspirational collection of universal emotions delivered in flawless style, with feeling and love.