Distributor:        Booktopia/Amazon                 
Release Date:    2015  
Running Time:   49.34m
Website:    www.heartdancerecords.com 

 Safe In Your Arms 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       March 9, 2016



From the first note Safe in your Arms brings with it a smile along with a feeling of happiness, presenting the latest album from this much loved musician in a delightfully appealing manner.

The twelve tracks are made up of new and comfortably familiar pieces, melded together to make a collection of gentle memories and fresh delights.

Piano combined with the elegance of the flute and the gentle notes of the guitar come together in an effortless manner, with the combined talents of Van Manakas, guitar, Anne Lindquist, flute and newcomer to the team John Croarkin, flute and an occasional dash of harmonica, creating and adding to the alchemy that is synonymous with the music of Scott Cossu.

One of the original founders of New Age World Music and recording artist of the legendary Windham Hill label, Cossu has developed a sound that is as timeless as it is as fresh as it was in the days of yesteryear.

Angel Steps carries the delicate use of guitar and flute to underpin the gently played notes of the piano, giving the simple composition depth and grace.

Fawn is a piece re-recorded for this album and one his fans will remember from an album released in 1984. The tempo moves about with a dash of jazz to be found in the guitar work, creating a tasteful element to a gentle piece.

By the time you are moving into Little Sunshine Girl you are beginning to feel the various elements worked into the music, which as the rhythms flow, make the relaxation entwined within the music much more noticeable.

Each composition is individual, non-specific, but allows each of the musicians to combine their skills and undoubted talents to produce works which will remain in the mind, in the soul, in the ether, for years to come.

Cossu says he decided to create an album which was a tender offering to lullaby’s and ballads, a task at which he has more than succeeded.

Although not an album you would recommend for meditation, it is certainly one that will bring welcome relief from the pressures of daily life, will definitely help you drift off into peaceful sleep or simply add that element of joy and pleasure to the day.

With the final piece being Sanctuary, it gently entices into a complex rhythm of its own creation, with the distinctive notes of the guitar, softened with the notes of the flute, blend seamlessly with the gentle sounds of the piano played by the hands of a Master; a wonderful finale for a magical album.

Food for the soul, definitely; food for psyche, most definitely.