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Release Date:    November 2015  
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 Saving Cecil’s Pride. 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       May 5, 2016


Cecil was no ordinary Lion; he was a personality, a member of a specialist research project overseen by Oxford University, and the star attraction at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. He was thirteen years old when he was killed, by being lured away from his territory by fresh kill.

He was then shot with a bow and arrow, finally being killed some thirteen days after he was first shot by an illegal ‘hunter’, a man who was out to be a big hero; to bag a trophy!

Cecil’s senseless death caused outrage worldwide and once again drew the focus onto this barbaric practice of hunting for so called sport, by people who have absolutely no care, compassion or desire to protect, simply satisfy their own base desires at all costs.

Cecil was the head of his pride and father to six cubs at the time of his death. Simply another tragedy on the one already caused as the survival of the cubs was precarious to say the least.

Musicians of the world united to create compilation series as a project to try and help towards the conservation of the remaining lions of Africa, and other endangered species, the only way they could, with their music.

Released late in 2015 the album, a three disc CD, has something for everyone from world-fusion to  ambient new age groove, world beat and the way out there experimental music, all reflective of what is being done in Africa to try and  conserve and preserve so many species which are bordering on extinction.

Artists such as Louis Colaiannia with Auroa’s Light, Sherry Finzer with Mystic Haze, Mystified contributes Pride Groove and Paz de la Dame Sauvage with At the Water’s Edge, Robert Otto’s A Place Of Hope and the final track of so many, The Beginning with Rocky Kej are just some of the 42 artist who have contributed. Many of the track titles reflect the emotion of the contributor, their thoughts and feeling about this atrocity.

By supporting the artists who have given so generously, you can have a part in saving some of the wildlife protected under the auspices of the Big Life Foundation, a conservation organization working in the ground in Africa to protect wildlife.

The message is, get out there, buy a copy and become a part of the much bigger project; that of protecting endangered species by supporting those on the front line of wildlife protection to create innovative and effective solutions.