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Website:    http://www.sketchesfromandisland.com 

 Sketches from an Island. Volumes 1 & 2 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       June 6, 2014


It doesn’t matter what interpretation you choose to place on this music, chill-out, balearic groove, or ‘into-everything’ as the promo material would have it, Mark Barrott has created something special; something that captures the essence that is the Balearic Islands group in all its moods.

From the relaxing yet up tempo introduction to the more melodious pieces on the way through there is an underlying essence of happiness, relaxation, holiday and enjoyment.

Whatever influence prompted him to write the vibe that has created an island sort of magic it is all encompassing.  He has taken a more traditional sound, redolent of the island beat and rhythm and given it new life: bringing old into new for another generation of music lovers to enjoy.

Full and rich you can imagine, as you absorb the melodies, sitting under a shady tree or umbrella, long cold drink in hand watching the carefree island life evolve around you, gifting to you some of the magic.

The music is ageless, without boundaries. A special edition of Sketches 1 sold out in two hours and a special 12-inch edition sold out in minutes. Certainly says something about the appeal of the music.

Everyone needs to be able to escape to a relaxing place in their mind from time to time and if you happen to be transported to the island of Ibiza, the catalyst and inspiration for this album do enjoy the journey.