Distributor:        Booktopia/Amazon                 
Release Date:    2016  
Running Time:   46.03 secs
Website:    http://www.elizabethnaccarato.com 

 Souvenir D’italia 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       May 11, 2017


Stepping back through a window into a time when the pace of life was somewhat slower, less frenetic, music was gentle and enjoyable, Elizabeth Naccarato has captured the timeless elegance, the fun and fiesta which has been, and always will be, an integral component of Italy and the Italian people.

To her Italy is a place of soul, holding a sense of homecoming which has been reflected in the compositions which make up, in her words, ‘a picture book snap-shot’ of an Italian adventure, hers, yours or someone else’s.

Each of the tracks has as the inspiration of a time or place experienced while visiting Italy: Waltzing Italiano is all about being there; the atmosphere, the vibe, the great sense of family and tradition whereas Assisi relates to a walk through a cathedral in Assisi and a visit to the tomb of St Francis, where the emotion of the moment brought with it, tears.

Spanish Steps sees Naccarato, accompanied by violin, adding that element of romance so redolent of a late summers evening in Rome. Summers End has the deep, rich, broody tones of the sax added to piano, creating a nightclub style feel, but also the long drawn out days of the summer months slowly mellowing to the cooler times of the autumn. Natasha gets the blood moving with a structured piece featuring the beloved accordion, in a tango style tribute to the dance and the dancer.

Moving on, you come to the marvellous Venetian Boat Song, in tribute to the gondolas and gondoliers who propel these wonderful craft effortlessly along the waterways and are beloved of those who live in Venice and those who visit, with their colour, flamboyance and tradition. The gentle relaxation of a trip on the water has been captured beautifully in this solo piano piece.

Sadly, as with all great visits they come to an end and in That’s Amore we feel the sadness that is there as we begin to say goodbye; once again the moody blues of the sax come into play, the slow, almost reluctant notes of the piano played softly, create that time when all there is left is to say is, Hey, I Love you, I’ll be back soon!

Evocative, enjoyable and truly presenting a taste of Italy, Naccarato has definitely created a melodious, moody, reflective and celebratory ‘snap-shot’ of her time in Italy for all to be able to enjoy.