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Release Date:    2017  
Running Time:   
Website:    http://russellsuereth.com/ 

 Spiritual Odyssey 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 23, 2018


Russell Suereth has devoted much of his life to promoting universal spirituality in the hope that people hear his message and that it makes a difference. He has done this to a large degree through the medium of his wonderful music which is both transformational and inspiring. Before listening to this album it would be advisable to read the inside of the cover, as each of the pieces has a small guide to the message encapsulate within the piece.

Generally presenting as an instrumentalist on this album be has used his pleasant vocal range to help promote the message that to heal, to move on through your life you need to Break the Chains that are binding or holding you in the patterns you are experiencing.

This album could almost be described as poetry put to music rather than the other way around, to create what could be considered as a form of meditation which encourages a time of listening, letting go and allowing the spirit to help manifest change. My Beating Heart underlines the mediative qualities of this music.

A Ride to Virgo is an interesting and unusual piece as it has a distinct otherworldly feel created to encourage a journey down the spiritual pathway, a journey that most people need to undertake at some stage in their life for whatever reason, as it allows fresh perspective, a feeling of moving on, beginning anew, or simply gaining a new perspective.

Considering Suereth has set this collection up as a personal journey for the listener, it is no surprise that there is a piece titled The Hidden Dance. As with any journey, there has to be a little time out purely for enjoyment, a time to take a fresh and refreshing look at what the universe has to offer that perhaps you did not notice before.

The end of the journey is looming and The Walls are Tumbling, the Seed of Imagery is all around you, flowing through you, enhancing awareness and creativity and adding yet again a fresh new perspective to your life.

As with many things in life beauty is often where it is least looked for and when you reach the end of your journey A Burning Rainbow of great beauty is created by your spiritual essence, but is there to signify the completion of the journey you have undertaken.

Suereth, along with being a talented composer and musician is also the creator of Spiritual Fizz which has several outlets all of which promote the many different s aspects of spirituality.

This album it is an absolute delight as there are choices to be made when listening; to simply listen and enjoy the ambiance and peace created, use it as meditation to refresh the soul or as suggested by the man and the music, embark on a journey of change in your life.