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Altered States

With this work the starting point is very hard to define. Each note is perfection within its singularity, there but not yet there in the consciousness. A set of scales played for a purpose; that purpose being to tune in, tune up, connect to whatever comes next, one note at a time.

Uma leads a fascinating lifestyle; she has travelled widely, is an acclaimed musician, composer, author, spiritual teacher, jewellery artist and an authorised sweat lodge healer. She is also an academic with a B.A. and M.A. in counselling psychology.  Combined, this makes an incredible background which in many ways is reflected in the music, the composition, the reality of the message encapsulated within each piece.

There is a questioning as well as an acceptance of the ebb and flow of life; that nothing is forever; that everything in your life comes and goes, often challenging you to consider what is lasting, what is real. The ultimate question then to be considered would be, is there something more?

The sub-title Music for the Journey Within, perhaps best describes the journey you are encouraged to undertake by looking deep within. To meditate, to consider, pause to reflect upon the pathway the notes are guiding you along to become more grounded, more accepting, more balanced within the framework of your daily existence.

Based on the ten scales of the Indian raga the notes are both melodic and structured giving the album a wide acceptability for working within the framework of yoga, reflexology, massage, healing and so much more.

But if you need a little time out, a dose of escapism, a mini relaxation or simply some soothing sounds to lull you to sleep, Altered States will achieve time and time again.

Peacefulness is to be found within the purity and construction of each segment.



Distributor cdbaby
Released 2016
Artists Uma ( Uma Sibley)