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Autumn Monsoon

Ethereal and etheric Autumn Monsoon from the husband and wife team of Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy, begins at the very basis of spiritual music with the haunting simplicity of the native American flute and gentle percussive elements combined to blend effortlessly with the etheric body, to help cleanse, sooth and uplift to a divine, spiritual plane.

This award-winning duo are no strangers to creating enchanting, uplifting and spiritual music, as this is their fifth and also highly acclaimed album, which transports immediately to a place of tranquillity and beauty.

Autumn Monsoon begins with the gentle sound of the flute and drums carefully combined, which is used to set the scene for the spiritual journey to be followed, that will leave a beautiful sense of peace and tranquillity in place of stress and turmoil.

Each of the pieces flows seamlessly into one another to achieve a complex layer of sound that simply seems to drift out of the ether, rather than have been created by human ability and instrumentation.

But how best to describe pure enchantment; Imagine if you will the seasonal change from the torrid, hot, endless days of summer to a time of astonishing natural beauty, a time when the earth begins to settle for the winter months. The leaves are changing, clad in the glorious riot of browns, reds, ambers and flashes of green which are beginning to fall, covering the ground in an endless carpet of beauty and colour.

Life is beginning to slow down, the last of the seasonal warmth enjoyed, long lazy evenings spent relaxing and reflecting. In the words of an English poet some many years ago, autumn is a “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. Such is the deep rich depth of Autumn Monsoon.

Autumn brings with it a sense of timelessness, a settling of the elements in preparation for a time to go within, to heal and rebuild, as does the mystical journey Autumn Monsoon created by Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy; a journey which will be enjoyed many, many times over for its peace, healing and spirituality.


Distributor CD Baby
Released October 2019
Running Time 47:01
Artists Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy