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Awaken Me

If you are having one of those blue kind of days put this on the machine, allow the beauty of the voice to flow over you bringing with it an innate sense of peace, of well-being of light, joy and love.

Immediately the feeling of relaxation is apparent, the understanding that all is passing and so too will the peace and joy of music help carry you on to a place that if as refreshing as it if you have simply walked through a shower of pure love.

Songstress and Music Medicine Woman Kimberley Haynes knows what it like to walk the pathways of challenge, fear and questioning, only to be able to come thought the challenges presented with a lighter heart and a believe that the gift and offering of music is the one thing that remains constant, that can and will bring with it gifts that are unique to the listener; the seeker and searcher.

In this her debut album she combines her love of various art forms within music to create an album that touches on soul, folk, blues, new age, soft pop, and world fusion creating  lyrical, vibrant series of tracks all involving worship, understanding, sacredness and life’s journey.

Her interest in various religious forms is also apparent as you move throughout the album. She undertook an apprenticeship as a cantorial specialist for the Hebrew faith, she also has a lifelong interest in ‘matters spiritual’ which took her on a personal journey of more than 15 years to study sacred music worldwide and then an additional five years of sound healing, which lead on to discovering the world of Peruvians shamanic practices.

The lyrics composed are based in personal experience making them powerful and poignant. Awaken Me invites you to look within, to that sacred place that is there within us all. When followed by Songs from the Heart of a Seeker you are encouraged, that now you have discovered your sacred place, to look further, to rise to the challenges, to allow the soul to breathe, to prosper, to heal.

Whichever track touches you deeply, it will encourage a personal connecting with the divine spirit, the spiritual heart that lies within. That this is achieved with the assistance of pure, spiritual harmony created by Kimberley Haynes and her fellow musicians constructing a world of love and enjoyment is an added bonus.




ReleasedAugust 2016
Running Time64.13mins
ArtistsKimberly haynes