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Circles of 8

In spirituality, mythology and some religions 8 is considered to be a number of some significance; it is a shape with no fixed beginning or end and is linked irrevocably to mathematics and then onto music. The number resonates within its own vibration with some scientists seriously considering that 8 hertz is one of the fundamental frequencies and is intrinsic to making us who we are.

That each of us has their own vibration could be considered as out there thinking but when you link that concept with the power that is music it is very difficult to discount the theory.

In this latest creation from Holland Phillips we can feel the power that music can create, the effect on the psyche and the overall effect on the space, place, time that you are in when listening to this  blend of ancient vibration, the traditional sound of the piano and  the modern electronic versatility of the  synthesiser.

Ranging across the delicate notes of the piano to the intricate weaving of what is a full orchestral sound, the various tracks take the listener on a journey of enriching, enjoyable pleasure.

As with most compositions various occurrences in life journey lay the seeds of the music. In Starting Over it symbolises the beginning of a new creation, the beginning of a new space or place in life. It is the first creation in the construction of the new album, the new journey.

Stephanie’s Song comes from the feeling the pain of a friends wife facing some tough life issues and looking forward a better time, a better place. The rich tones of the oboe blending with the saxophone lay down a platform of pure love, pure peace.

Circles of Eight creates the sound of an intricate dance of sounds and instruments encouraging a little peaceful reflection, introspection and simple pleasure whereas Marking Time tells us that in those moments when you feel stuck, don’t appear to be making progress and are marking time, take that time to reflect on the decisions which have been undertaken to lead you to this place, allowing you to enjoy the moment as it will not pass your way again.

A fitting conclusion is a gentle melodious piece Lullabye For Us, written for those of us who still believe in the delicate, light, gentle things in life and that a deliciously wafting composition is the final thing to be enjoy at the end of a day’s work, as you slowly drift off to sleep.

As a fifth album Holland Phillips Circle of 8 has lived up to the established excellence of his previous albums. Delicately beautiful.

ReleasedAugust 2016
Running Time47.64 sec
ArtistsHolland Phillips