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“My soul has a commitment to infuse the dharma and ancient wisdom into everything I do. I want to be available to those who are ready for it. The songs must serve a true purpose and for anyone being challenged in these times, I am committed to sharing music that uplifts and inspires the soul.”

From this basis the beautiful voice of Sangeeta Kaur is raised in homage on Compassion, her latest work; a work that has been in the construction of both her imagination and the physical constraints required when creating a work of this magnitude, for several years.

The wait, since her last works Niguma a ground breaking Mantra Opera released in 2016 followed by Ascension in 2017 and then a more stripped back album, Mirrors in early 2018, has been more than worthwhile.

The rolling Tibetan Mantra O Tare Tuttare Ture Soho introduces what is a gloriously rich and immensely beautiful body of work that will enchant, heal, bless and simply be enjoyed for what it is, a unique, soothing album wrapped around love and understanding.

May The Long Time Sun is a blessing sung in a pure form, almost as a folk song, enhanced with the rich elements of sophisticated choral vocals, raising this beautiful piece created by Mike Heron of The Incredible String Band in 1968, to a new dimension.

There is really only one word to even attempt to describe Song of Compassion and that is Angelic; the pure vocals simply raise this piece to a level of such high vibration the very essence of divine is achieved. The blessing has been written by Sangeeta Kaur and sung by Danae Vlasse and Sangeeta Kaur, with once again gentle choral backing.

Removing negativity from within is offered in SA RE SA SA, a lovely Kundalini Yoga mantra, with the words in the liner notes if you wish to join in chanting this healing and relaxing mantra; a gloriously cleansing mantra that invites you in to the peaceful vibration being offered.

Voices and Crystals is once again based on the healing Kundalini Mantra. A pause; a period of silence heralds in the time old chant improvised by Kaur and Hila Plitmann: ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, I bow to the creator and the divine teacher within’.

Voices of Compassion is a collective piece featuring various choral highlights from the album, which draws to a close a gentle, reflective album, while paying tribute to all the many choirs and artists who have collaborated to create such angelic beauty with voice.


Distributor Sangeeta Kaur
Released August 2019
Running Time 54:46
Artists Sangeeta kKaur