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When acclaimed flautist Sherry Finzer heads off to record at The Tank in Rangely, CO something truly magical happens; not just because of the incredible acoustics at The Tank, but of what could be considered as Divine guidance, an integral component of each of her works recorded there.

Connections is such an album with an added poignancy as, many if not all, of the songs have been created with special people in mind: people who have been touched by her music which has helped them through times of pain, dark nights of the soul, lead them into meditation, healing, and comfort after the all-encompassing loss of a beloved one.

Reaching out with her music during the COVID epidemic through the live stream Insight Timer App, she met some of the many people who related to her music. She began to compose pieces to help those on a healing journey or using the music to seek solace on the loss of a loved one.

The Tank simply adds the purity of the soundwaves to allow healing to begin, to offer a gentle pathway to relax into the soft, gentle, serene magic wafting gently on the ether. Such is the magic created in there that each note forms the desired shape once it has been set free, creating perfection of its own accord.

Each of the sixteen songs charms, floats and reaches out with a delicacy that marks Finzer’s music when she is moving into the divinely guided aspect of her work, allowing the singular notes to simply float until they find their perfect placement.

The liner notes set out the journey of some of the many people who have been blessed with the music: their stories are there to share the healing power of music, a beautiful and powerful force.

Connection is sublime, ethereal, divine and as always with her work, created with deep and spiritual resonance that reaches out, washing the soul, gentling the heart and softening the spirit, to allow blessed healing though the wonder of music.

Distributor HeartDance Records
Released January 2022
Artists Sherry Finzer