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Dare to Dream

In so many ways this glorious album is a tribute to the many people who have offered support and help over the years to songstress Lindsay Gaye Walker through the highs and lows of her life, and that of Sean Michael Paddison, her partner in this magnificent singer-songwriter duo.

Deep is an introduction to the talent that is encapsulated in this their first release. Lindsay’s beautiful rendition of this piece is reminiscent of the style Loreena McKennitt made significant during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

The title song ‘Dare to Dream Again’ is a gentle, loving duo created to encourage people to follow their dream, take a change on life and living, to follow what is truly in your heart, to take a leap of faith and celebrate.

Classic and beautiful, the child’s prayer, Now I Lay me Down to Sleep, penned in the 1800’s, is given an almost ethereal remix in the form of a lullaby, with the addition of harp rhythms featuring the subtle influence of the violin and cello. The mix is perhaps one of the best pieces on the album, which is a tall call, as the other tracks are also something special, so much so that it is hard to isolate one piece.

Each of the pieces encapsulates an emotion, a feeling, a thought, a hope and a wish, which blends completely into the philosophy of this talented duo, that is to be able to raise human consciousness through the medium of music.

African influences created by Sean, are used in the backing of A New Day, that changes the soft, gentle, tempo created in the previous works, adding a subtle but specific depth to what could be considered an almost hymn-like piece, which when followed by A Journey Within, introduced with the soft sobbing of the violin, underlines the reverence which has been created in order to give thanks. Like a previous piece Riding the Winds of Change, it is instrumental and showcases the immense depth of talent Lindsay and Sean have within their disciplines.

Onward to Glory certainly raises the tempo as it is reminiscent of a battle hymn, a call to arms, to rise up, go forth and conquer, which is after all what this majestic piece is all about – standing your ground and defining  your reality.

Wrapping up this empowering album is an instrumental piece ‘Moonlight Waltz’ which heralds in with the violin played throughout the album by Maria Grigoryeva, one the many special guests whom have added their undoubted talents to the creation of this passionate, emotional and empowering collection of songs.


Distributor CD Baby
Released 2017
Artists Unleashed Dreams: Lindsay Gaye Walker & Sean Michael Paddison